My name is Christin,


I love gardening and plant-based soul food. I'm a certified goofball who is always the first one at the table to clean his plate. My blog AFRO Beets is your source for garden to table content inspired by soul and culture. Follow me as I transform my indoor vegetable garden into amazing afro vegan masterpieces. The worlds food system is in a crisis more than ever and we need to grow our own food and know exactly what is going in our bodies. And when you start producing your own vegetables you're going to need to know what to cook. Subscribe to stay updated on delicious recipes and garden tutorials.

A lil' more about me:

I was born and raised in Montgomery County Maryland where I suffered from an identity crisis because my mom was a Washingtonian while my dad was a southern gentleman by way of Virginia. So whenever people ask what home is for me I just say the DMV. 

The way I got involved with the urban garden community is thru the influence of an entrepreneur named Josh who ran a business called Fresh Truck in Boston. This company went around to food deserts in the greater Boston area to provide fresh produce to those who deserve more.

Since then I've been researching and keeping my third eye open the nations food system. And IT...IS...GARBAGE! I had enough of standing by and decided to "grow some sh**". Ever since I grew my first seedling I haven't looked back since.

About my garden:


I'm team no excuses. I don't have a front or back yard but I do ​have a window in my apartment. I try to specialize in growing vegetables and herbs in small urban spaces. All the fertilizer, compost and lighting is as organic as possible. I wanted to know exactly what I was putting in my food.

About my table:

Why a plant-based diet? So many benefits and reasons. But the main one for me was that I was tired of seeing people who looked like me die from preventable diseases. But changing your diet is not that easy, I understand the important ties between food and culture.

As a people, we have always had to protect what is ours because although we have created a culture for ourselves and the rest of the planet, some of our histories have been lost or stolen. And it's up to us to maintain that culture as a part of our identity. But we shouldn't have to kill ourselves to do it. That's where the spirit of AFRO Beets came from. A way to celebrate, and even reveal the culture behind Afro foods thru the lenses of a plant-based diet. Because soul food should actually be good for the soul.